• We need to reach new customers and capture new markets We need to Create and Innovate highly valued Product and Services
    We need to refresh our brands and better Communicate for what we stand for
    People have to Know us
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    We need to reach new customers and capture new markets We need to Create and Innovate highly valued Product and Services
    We need to refresh our brands and better Communicate for what we stand for
    People have to Know us


Ruva is one of the Best SEO Industry in the educational domain
We specialize in suggesting Coaching School colleges in all over INDIA.

  • Best in Digital Marketing

    Ruva.info is one of the best Digital Marketing organisation

  • 30,000 visitor in anlytics

    Our websites have approx 30,000 visitor daily

  • Suggestion to students

    We suggest best Coaching / Schools / colleges / Courses

  • Our Brouchre

    Detail description of our works can be downloaded from here


Our expertise spans a myriad of industries and brand issues, large and small, that get in the way of competitive advantage and profitable growth. We believe your brand is your reputation and it should be in service of helping you achieve your strategic and financial goals. Here are a few of the problems we solve that continually frustrate organizations and form the foundation of what we do best. Please contact us to learn more about how we solve these issues, and others like them, to build stronger brands.


Digital Marketing

We deals in digital marketing from many years as from this trend starts
Now we becomes one of most famous digital marketing industry

Web Development

We develop bussiness websites and Portals which have latest designs
Now we develop all designs mobile friendly

we specialize in:

Digital Marketing


Responsive Websites

Student Help Desk

Bussiness Linking


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We believe advertising today is no longer about the 30 second spot on TV or the 200 cc space in a newspaper. It is about the most effective message delivered through the ideal medium or media that reaches the target audience. It could be the office notice board or a direct mailer or even the space behind the autorickshaw driver’s seat! At Ruva Customer Services, we see ourselves as strategic partners who work towards building your brand. That doesn’t necessarily mean running 30 second ads in all the leading TV channels. This conviction partly stems from our experience in the field and partly from budgetary considerations. We understand the need to use your budgets wisely and effectively. The Power of Insight we have garnered through experience and real-time in-house research, allows us to craft a communications programme which optimizes your advertising spends and meets your branding and marketing needs.



Ruva Customer Services is pioneer in Brand Consulting.Simply put, we engineer brands.In other words, we ideate, empower and build the brand infrastructure led, as always, by insight.

  • We engineer brands by answering 6 simple questions. • What’s your brand insight?

  • • What’s missing in your brand today?
  • • What’s your brand today?
  • • Who is your brand today?
  • • How well do you know your brand’s properties?
  • • What should your brand do next?
As brand engineers with the learning and experience gained over two decades in advertising, marketing, and academics, we have developed a practical jargon-free approach to branding and brand management. Our strategy is simple and all the more effective for it: We develop a quick and insightful understanding of your products, markets, key business and brand issues. We then translate these insights into effective strategies for your brand, helping create integrated communication that speaks through multiple channels in one clear voice.

  • The community is our backbone and we always try to make decisions with their best interests in mind. It is critical to us that we have a win-win approach to work, and that we get involved with and talk to the community.



At Ruva, our PR function is driven by the fact that not only has a more sweeping definition of PR but also draws on our core strength – the Power of Insight.At its most basic level, PR is about communicating with stakeholders – be it employees, customers, the media or even vendors and suppliers. But to us at Ruva, that is only the fundamental definition of PR, to which we add our insight-driven approach. To us, PR is about engaging and interacting with the target audience in an effort to showcase expertise, foster goodwill, generate word-of-mouth and positively impact the bottomline. Driven by the Power of Insight, we are able to understand your existing brand and branding strategy and suggest changes, the competition, the media environment and, above all, the psyche of your target audience. This helps us craft integrated communication that speaks to your target audience across various media in one voice. Our brand communication strategy works to present a coherent image of your company, helping you meeting your business objectives. We also provide practical and effective ground-level ideas that increase brand visibility, maximize recall and positively impact the bottomline.

  • Build goodwill amongst customers, employees and the community at large

  • Establish expertise amongst potential employees, clients/ customers and the media

  • Create a positive and powerful professional corporate image

  • Revise your brand positioning and status

  • Generate word-of-mouth, leads or even sales

  • Launch a new product or service

  • Mitigate the adverse impact of a crisis situation

  • Provide avenues for customers to engage with the company/ brand

Whatever your objectives are, we can help you achieve them by crafting integrated communication that addresses your specific concerns.



Ruva offers a broad range of content creation services, which help in targeting consumer-specific needs, informing the consumer of the technical features and characteristics, and showcase the salient features of products to maximize conversions.

We specialize in creating great product pages which helps in improving your conversion rate

Our content experts work to build in-depth category understanding. This helps in tailoring content and the product presentation towards the consumer buying process. Our content process is geared to help you build quality content on a large scale. We create engaging product pages helping you in converting visitors At Ruva, we believe that a great product page should provide comprehensive product information while highlighting the most important aspects of the product through well-written descriptions, images, and presentation. These elements help a consumer take decisions. Our content team, comprising Category, Data, SEO, and Imaging experts, help create engaging product pages where all the individual page elements are aligned to your business objectives.

SEO Optimized Product Descriptions & Category Descriptions

Our creative writers can help compose persuasive product & category descriptions that can work wonders for your product. These descriptions are created and presented in a way that grabs the consumer’s attention and persuades him to learn more. Selling through an online store means consumers don’t get a chance to touch and feel the products. They don’t have a sales representative to enquire about the product and understand the advantages and benefits of products and services being sold. A well-written product description becomes the key in influencing the decision of the consumer. An extensive product description filled with relevant, industry-specific keywords ranks higher in search engines and facilitates conversions with high level of details on the products. Ruva’s team is highly experienced at thoroughly researching and writing product descriptions in easy-to-understand, marketable and search-engine friendly format.

Buying Guides/How-to Guides

Buying Guides/How-to Guides are among the most sought-after resources in the online world. Since the consumers regard them as invaluable help in making smart shopping decisions, they surely deserve attention. Buying guides play a key role in influencing the consumer, by including detailed descriptions, unique features, comparison with other products, and any such information that will help user make an informed decision. We conduct extensive research on your products, compare them with competition, and create informative buying guides that will help your consumer make a choice.

Product FAQs

Prospective consumers generally have a lot of questions on products, its applications and functionality. If these questions are answered to the satisfaction of consumers, the probability of making a sale becomes high. Our experienced writers identify and answer the most commonly asked questions in a step-by-step, structured, engaging Q&A format. This ensures that all the queries of the consumers are answered at a single touch point and they are not seeking information elsewhere. The answers are populated with SEO rich keywords to make them searchable to a wide range of audience.


Our relationships are supported by a supply chain of socially responsible, ethical companies.

we specialize in:

Digital Marketing


Responsive Websites

Student Help Desk

Bussiness Linking

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